Deluxe Eco Tours

Eco-Friendly Rides
on Electric Scooters

*No motorcycle licence needed


Are you in Chania for a short time and want to see everything?
In just 4 hours, we’ll guide you through all the historical highlights of Chania!
Zip around on your electric scooter from one captivating site to another, experiencing the rich culture and history this beautiful city has to offer in a premium guided tour.

A motorcycle licence is not necessary to participate in our tours.
If you have a B Car licence and at least 3 years of experience driving a scooter up to 11kW, you are eligible.
Additionally, those with an A1 Moped licence, which permits driving a scooter under 11kW, or an A2 Motorbike licence, suitable for handling scooters from 11kW to 35kW, are eligible.


1. Old City and Venetian Harbour 

Chania’s history is as vibrant as its colourful Venetian Harbour. Established by the Minoans in 2200 BC, the city has seen the rise and fall of various civilisations, each leaving its unique imprint. The Venetians fortified the city in the 13th century and their influence is still visible in the Harbour, Lighthouse and the well-preserved Old Town. The Ottoman Turks also left their mark with the construction of mosques and bathhouses. Today, Chania is a living museum where visitors can walk through narrow lanes and explore historical monuments that tell tales of its diverse past.

Stop for photos with panoramic views of the Old Harbour and the Lighthouse with optional entrance to the Naval Museum (4€ entrance fee).

2. Therissos

Nestled beneath the White Mountains, just 16km from Chania City Centre, Therissos is a picturesque village rich in history and natural beauty. Its gorge entrance boasts orange groves and vines, while narrow points are framed by steep cliffs, plane trees, and oleanders. With its pivotal role in the Cretan Revolution and its connection to Eleftherios Venizelos, the village offers a captivating stop during your tour, complete with the opportunity to indulge in the famous “Sfakiani pita” (Sfakian Pie).

3. Venizelos Tombs

On a popular hilltop with stunning views of Chania, you’ll find the graves of Eleftherios Venizelos and his son, Sofoklis Venizelos, both former Prime Ministers of Greece. This serene spot also features the chapel of Profitis Ilias and a statue of hero Spyros Kagialedakis, who famously raised the Greek flag during the 1897 Revolution using his body as a flagstaff.

4. Tabakaria/Halepa

The coastal area of Tabakaria in Halepa took its name from the numerous tanneries located there during the Turkish occupation era. The area had around 80 operational tanneries in the 1950s, but they are now mostly abandoned. Recently, many buildings have been renovated into homes, holiday lets, hotels, and restaurants. Halepa, rich in Cretan history, features the House of Eleftherios Venizelos, an influential early 1900s political figure. Once a wealthy town in the late 19th century, Halepa’s colorful past is still evident in its architecture.

5. Archaeological Museum (Optional)

The new Archaeological Museum of Chania, located in the historic area of Halepa, spans 6,000 m² and showcases the rich archaeological heritage of the region. From prehistoric settlements to historical cities, the museum brings Cretan history to life with its modern design and extensive collection of artifacts. Visitors can also enjoy a relaxing café on-site.

Entrance Fee: 6€


What's included

  • Electric scooter SEAT MÓ 125
    The SEAT MÓ 125 scooter is equivalent to a 125cc class scooter, so you will need to hold one of the following licences:
    A1 Moped licence (Scooter under 11kw)
    A2 Motorbike licence (11kw to 35kw scooter)
    B Car licence (3-years of experience driving a scooter up to 11kw)
  • Sanitised helmet
  • Bluetooth headset for communication with tour guide
  • Food sampling (Sfakian pie or cheese pies)
  • Small group tour
  • Safety instructions and brief orientation at the beginning
  • Participants’ transfer to the activity’s starting point
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off within 5km of Chania City Centre

What's not included

  • Entry/Admission – Archaeological Museum
  • Entry/Admission – Naval Museum
  • Drinks or snacks

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